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A good nose for quality

Vendotech is a specialist in endoscopes and provides high quality products and services.

Equine Dynamic Laryngoscope

Our showpiece 

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out an endoscopy during exercise to measure the effect at that moment; the dynamic endoscopy. Our showpiece, the wireless Equine Dynamic Laryngoscope (EDL), is mounted on the bridle. This allows you to view the larynx and the upper airway, from a distance, during (heavy) exertion. You view and assess the results live, so that you can see exactly when an abnormality is taking place. The images are stored wired for the best image display. During the effort you can watch and assess live on a tablet. So you can act quickly.

As a medical professional you make decisions every day based on diagnostic measurements. It is important that you can rely on your equipment.

What we stand for

Quality, speed and collaboration. We care about our customer and stand for fast, flexible and good service, so that the continuity of the care to be provided is guaranteed.

Together with you, we carefully search for the best product in our wide range. By listening and communicating well, we make sure that you make the right choice.


Everything can be discussed. We are open and spontaneous and together with you we look for the best product.

You can use free loaner equipment (if available) or if you are looking for used equipment in good condition.

Repair service

With our own repair service we provide maintenance of endoscopes for hospitals and veterinary clinics in the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries.

Our technicians are highly trained based on an extensive training program.

We repair rigid endoscopes from all well-known manufacturers. Karl Storz, Richard Wolf, Olympus, Arthrex, Dyonics and many others.

Excellent technology

With our wireless endoscopes, you are not limited in your freedom of movement.

You view and assess the results live, so that you can see exactly when an abnormality is taking place. 

Part of the equipment has been developed by Vendotech itself. Therefore it is a European product of good European quality.