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Equine Dynamic

Basic Station

EDL – Endoscope Control: Shaft, WaterJet Syringe, Head Control, EDL Controller, Recorder


3xLED, 4lenses glass optics, water nozzle

Shaft fixation


Control housing

with 4-way head steeruing

Mounting plate

Is fixed with the harness on the horse’s head.


Syringe for water jet

Harness (partial)

External button for manual water jet – to hang around the neck.

Only neccessary functions

The mechanical components are very reduced compared to similar products and focused on the necessary functions. This means few components on the horse and maximum freedom of movement for the jockey. The jet system for lens cleaning is automated.

The water for this is raised up into the syringe before use and a pressure spring in the syringe ensures high water pressure. Therefore low power consumption, no electric water pump, no load on the battery. The jet is triggered by magne- tic valve so very hard, short water jets are possible with a low load for the battery.

Manually triggerable at any time

Of course, the water jet is also manually triggerable at any time. The recorder stores frame by frame of the film in excellent quality (no MPEG)! The control housing is made of durable nylon and the 4-way head steering is robust and very precise. Via a 5.8GHz transmitter (medical ISM band, 25mA) the images can be received wirelessly.

The 4-lens glass optics are “Made in Germany”. The LED lighting is space- and energy saving, robust and shines some 10,000 hours. So only little load for batteries but nevertheless a good illumination. The EDL is charged via USB2/3 or USB power supply then it can be used for about 2 hours.

Equine Dynamic Laryngoscope

Easy to put on the horse, simple operation and high technical level.

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