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Consists of HD video processor, LED light source, built-in air/water pump, compatible with 1200 series video endoscopes, rigid endoscopes and fiber-optic scopes to make VET-OR1200RH a versatile tool for veterinary clinic applications.


It supports high-pixel CMOS imaging with a 120-degree viewing angle, and provides wide-range, clear and bright images. Multi-functional design, equipped with 2.6mm big working channel and support for suction, BAL, Intubation and etc.


  • High Defination Scoop for Small and Equine Animal
  • Working length 1500 mm
  • Diameter of distal-end 9.0 mm
  • Diameter of instrument channel 2.8 mm
  • Range of bending U210° D90° R/L100°


Ergonomic design and light weight to reduce fatique during veterinary surgery. Fully waterproof design, easy to clean and disinfect. Build-in USB recording, full HD photo and videos could be recorded by remote camera head mounted on the bottom. Remote images and videos captured with one click

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