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Suitable for manual, bacterial cleaning of all instruments and all endoscopes.


Suitable for manual, pre-cleaning of the instruments and all endoscopes.

Instru-Plus is a highly effective instrument disinfectant. This phosphate free, ready-to-use, liquid cleaner can be used for thorough cleaning of flexible and rigid endoscopes and other types of medical and surgical instruments.
Especially suitable for the gentle cleaning of flexible endoscopes and instruments with narrow lumina.
This pH-neutral, aldehyde-free, tenside-based cleaner with corrosion protection is perfectly suited for manual -, machine – or ultrasonic disinfection processes.
Instru-Plus is a particularly material-friendly cleaner. It is suitable for medical products made of metal, plastics, ceramics, glass, rubber and porcelain. (Also for acrylic layers).
In addition, this slightly foaming product makes a good cleaning additive and is compatible with instrument disinfectants, such as Perfektan TB en Descoton forte.